Lotteries and Parties at Shangri La Casino Network in Winter 2018

Shangri La Casino Network invites guests to enjoy weekly and festive events and lotteries. Their trick is that every guest who has made at least one bet gets a chance to take an additional prize or even a large jackpot. An excellent reason to look into one of the four units of the brand. Especially during the winter holidays, when in honor of New Year and Christmas, especially bright show programs will be held and magnificent prizes will be prepared!

What is Shangri La Casino Network

Shangri La Casino Network is four luxury casinos that operate in post-Soviet countries. They adorn the capitals of Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Latvia. Casinos are located in their own luxurious buildings or in elite hotel complexes. All of them work in the VIP niche, offer top-level service and ensure guests’ safety and privacy.

All Shangri La casinos have approximately the same set of classic casino games. Be sure to see dozens of newest popular slots. Roulette’s fans will find the tables with their favorite games. And card connoisseurs can play blackjack, baccarat, punto banco and several poker variations.

Shangri La Casino Network is a brainchild of Storm International, Michael Boettcher founded it in 1992. During this time, the brand has formed a corporate style of work. In all units there are original events and sweepstakes. And not only on holidays, but every weekend and even among the week. But each unit has its own individual program, which makes visits to different Shangri La casinos even more exciting.

Shangri La Events in Yerevan

This is one of the most visited casinos of the network, which in recent years has almost doubled the number of guests. This is the only unit that organizes poker tournaments on an ongoing basis. And also holds major international tournaments with a large prize fund and a gold bracelet for the winner.

Every week Shangri La Yerevan holds a slot lottery. They accept all players, without exception, who have made bets on slot machines. Lucky players get jackpots from a special prize pool.

In honor of Christmas and New Year 2018, the casino will host a hot party on December 28th. The star of the evening will be the popular Armenian singer Forsh and among all guests the casino will play 14.5 million AMD.

Shangri La Events in Minsk

Minsk casino is the most titled in the Shangri La lineup. It won the “Choice of the Year” award for 5 years in a row, which is equivalent to being recognized as the best casino in Belarus.

Since the unit operates a great restaurant, so almost every Saturday turns into a gastronomic event. Chef Mark Ulrich and his team prepare special dishes from around the world. In December 2018, guests can visit the days of Chinese and Georgian cuisine. And on December 29th the Festival of delicacies will take place. Each culinary Saturday is accompanied by a draw of 15,000 surprises.

The most amazing event of December is the Jaguar Hunting. Powerful Jaguar F-Type will find its owner on December 15th.

Shangri La Events in Tbilisi

This winter the Georgian unit offers several types of lotteries: new time-jackpots on slot machines and country largest jackpots on poker. The time-jackpots trick is that they are played several times a week, but only at certain hours. And playing poker, you can break $ 200,000 just by putting together a lucky combination, which was mentioned by Darren Keane, Storm International CEO.

SL Casino Riga Events

The youngest unit, which aims to become the best casino in Riga, celebrated its first anniversary on December 8th and in honor of this event the casino played out 25,000. But this winter fun does not end there! Every Friday, the lottery is held by 5000 EUR Plus Jackpot, where guests receive cash prizes. Also, closer to the New Year there will be a festive party.